We Make Our Destiny?

The saying goes,we make our own destiny. That we are the masters of our own life. I  want to think that’s true but do not want to believe that I set myself up to be unhappy, sick, poor or trapped in some awful life issue.

I can see it’s possible here and there as I age with joint problems which are probably due to lack of self care and weight issues. That a failed marriage could be due to failing to listen to my instincts in the early stages. That little intuitive voice telling me the things I didn’t want to hear.

But how do we make our own destiny when it comes to cruel illnesses. Debilitating situations like cancer and MS etc.

We have no control over many things. Spirituality would have us believe that we can change our approach to life. That we can turn situations around. That the good things in life are there for the taking like we can make things happen. That by thinking something true it will come true we just have to squosh negative thinking. Think abundance and there will be an abundance of what ever we desire we just have to put aside all negative thought.

I am a believer in meditation for relaxation and selfsoothing but after years of meditating on good health and abundance I am letting go of the idea that I am in control of my destiny because we cannot know what is around the corner. We are not in control of life but maybe we have some hold over how we handle it.



















































































Author: juneyhh

I am a retired psychotherapist of 20 years working in the north of England up to my retirement in 2010 mainly because I remarried and thought at that time it was the right thing to do. Retrospectively giving up on work felt like giving up on life as I knew it. Realising since that one doesn't have to give up on something in order to build something new. Now nine years on, divorced and having moved to Cornwall Iwonder what it was all about. It's harder to start a fresh at 70, not impossible but harder.

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